YongGyu Gregory Kim/김용규

Composer, Conductor, Multimedia artist


Gregory Kim is a composer, conductor and a multimedia artist.

He studied electroacoustic composition with Dr Jonty Harrison with the world renowned BEAST, Birmingham Electro Acoustic Sound Theatre, system in England. He also studied live electronics with Dr Erik Ona.

He is interested in interactive live electronics and developed Integration Multimedia Concertos. Since 2001, he is specially focusing on multimedia art music combining several fields together like vocal, instrumental, dance, performance, acoustic music, real time computer processed music and real time video processing. On 7 September 2017, he premiered Integarion Multimedia Concerto for Multimedia and Full Orchestra for the first time in the world by DSO, Daegu Symphony Orchestra under the conductor Chungki Min. The piece is for Orchestra and 4ch Interactive Audio and 4ch 3D Real time Panorama videos and the title "To the Andromeda".

His music were performed around the world including England, France, Italy, Japan, US as well as Korea. Since 2008, he received several government funds for his concerts from 'Culture & Art Committee, Korea'.


He taught composition, theory and computer music as well as media art at Kyeongbuk National University, Daegu Catholic University, Andong National University, Wonkwang University and Kosin University in Korea. He is currently teaching at Keimyung University and some others. He is the director of the Multimedia Art Company "ARS" and the director of DICMF, Daegu International Computer Music Festival.


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