'Summer Night Scenery' for String Quartet (2012)

현악4중주를 위한 "여름밤 풍경" 


A description of summer night for String Quartet which was beautiful but sorrow summer because of the disaster in 2011
아름다웠지만 재해로 인해 파란과 슬픔이 깃든 2011년 여름밤의 풍경을 현악4중주로 묘사하였다.

DCMF String Quartet
Violin I: Hyeryung Kim 김혜령
Violin II: Bora Kim 김보라
Viola: Minjeong Choi 최민정
Cello: Soyoung Oh 오소영

7:30pm November 2 2012

EACA East Asian Composer's Association Contemporary Music Festival 2012

COLLAGE for Violin and Orchestra "SUMMER STORY" (2013)

바이올린과 오케스트라를 위한 꼴라쥬 "섬머 스토리"


During the too much hot summer of 2013, I remembered the summer in my youth which wasn't so hot and was comfortable and beautiful. The violin describes the feeling of the young boy and the orchestra describes the nature at that time.


Violin Hyeryoung Kim

Conductor Honggi Choi

Daegu Contemporary Music Orchestra


8 pm September 24, 2013

Children's Hall of Daegu

32th Daegu Composers Association Recital

TRIO for VIolin, Viola and Cello (2010)

바이올린, 비올라, 첼로를 위한 현악3중주


Performed by Ani Quartet

Violin: Chiba Sayaki, Viola: Oka Saori, Cello: Hagawa Sinske

At Hapoman Music Festival 2010

13 October 2010

Moonshin Art Musium, Masan, KOREA


제 16회 합포만음악제

Concert II 현악기를 위한 창작음악의 밤

2010년 10월 13일

마산 문신미술관


by Gregory Kim

live electronics
Electroacoustic compositions

Violin Sanjo No. 1 "Joy, Anger, Sorrow and Pleasure" (2009) 1/2 

바이올린산조 제1번 "희노애락" 


Violin: Jihye Kim, Janggo: Yongho Kim


A modern Sanjo(Korean Traditional Sonata like piece for Korean Instruments) for Violin and Janggo accompanied. It consists of 4 movements with the title of Joy, Anger, Sorrow and Pleasure each. Noise like sound of the violin is an important source of the piece.

religious Music

© Gregory Kim 2014. All rights reserved

Violin Sanjo No. 1 "Joy, Anger, Sorrow and Pleasure" (2009) 2/2 

바이올린산조 제1번 "희노애락" 


Concerto for Clarinet and wind Orchestra "DG ARIRANG" (2015)

클라리넷 협주곡 "대구 아리랑" 


This concerto was developed from a Daegu Arirang, a Korean traditional folk melody.

대구 아리랑을 소재로 클라리넷 협주곡으로 전개하였다.


YongGyu Gregory Kim Clarinet Concerto "DG ARIRANG"

Clarinet solo: Jinseok Park

Daegu Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Conductor Heonil Kim



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